More cats choose ride sharing in electric vehicles to lower their carbon pawprint.

Earlier this week, several service technicians at Capital Chevrolet in San Jose, CA made an interesting discovery. While working on a Chevy Bolt EV, they started hearing an unusual noise coming from the car's wheel well. After a quick investigation, they found a litter of kittens had made the Bolt their home.


Listen to that engine purr. Wait no, that can't be right... this car is electric!


Well, what do we have here? Stowaways


The dealership provided the cats with a loaner while their vehicle was being serviced.

A mother cat most likely decided to make a home for her kittens inside of the Bolt EV to escape the elements. This is actually a somewhat common occurrence. Small animals will seek shelter in a vehicle from the hot sun in the summer or the bitter cold of winter. Mama cat probably also heard that rated the Bolt EV the best car for new parents.

It is now official, the Chevy Bolt is kitten tested, mother approved.

Check out the video to watch the rescue operation unfold!

Video Description via Del Grande Dealer GroupCapital Chevrolet on YouTube:

Earlier today, several Service Technicians were working on a Bolt EV at Capitol Chevrolet when they heard a rather unusual noise in the car's wheel well. This is what they found!

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