Crazy High C Rates!

It’s a conceptual marriage of the Tesla ribbon-style cooling system and the Chevrolet Bolt EV's Prismatic-shaped pouch cells. We eliminate the bottom cooling plate.

Once we start cranking up charging rates, pack cooling becomes a big issue. We’re sure that Porsche is learning the hard way since they have promised some pretty high charging rates. Tesla’s Model 3 is the fastest charging EV to date. Model 3 owners are getting 460-480 MPH charging rates right now. With version 3 Superchargers, we are estimating charging rates up to 626 MPH and 157 kW (2 C). The next step is Porsche’s Taycan 800 V charging system, which promises 730 MPH charging (2.4 C).

We’re obsessed with knowing what Porsche will do to get rid of all that heat.

Based on our analysis, they are going to have a tough time doing it with just a bottom cooling plate (see “A little secret GM isn’t telling us about improving the Bolt EV Battery”.

The Bolt EV has a bottom cooling plate design and it is somewhat limited in its cooling and charging ability. Tesla’s cooling ribbon design seems to be about the best there is right now, but how can it be improved?

Enter our new concept in cooling schemes:

A marriage of prismatic cells and Tesla’s cooling ribbon.

At 3C, the Tesla Model 3 could pull down 939 MPH charging rates.

Not too shabby. Sign me up.

*This article was researched and written as a collaboration with Keith Ritter (HVACman)

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