How in the heck did she get a Tesla Model 3 with white seats?

If you follow LikeTesla or tuned in to a few of our previous shares, you can likely answer the above question. We recently reported about some changes that Kim noticed with the Model 3 seats.

She revealed that early Model 3s have a different seat design than current models. This was discovered when she tried to have white T Sportline aftermarket seat covers installed in the family's new Model 3. They wouldn't fit properly. Thankfully, Kim was able to order a set that would fit the newly designed seats.

Now, we get to see the Tesla Model 3 with the new white seats installed. T Sportline has verified Kim's findings and updated the information on its website so that others don't end up with the same problem. You can purchase the seats for your Model 3 by following the T Sportline line link below.

T Sportline explains:

It has been brought to our attention that Tesla has made changes to both the Model 3 front and rear seats. We have developed a simple to understand diagram so that you can determine which Generation seats you have. Note: We have found that Tesla has mixed and matched front and rear seats as well. For example, you may have Generation 2 front seats and Generation 1 rear seats, or vice versa. You can determine your Front/RearSeat Combination using the images below.


Source: T Sportline

Check Out T Sportline's Video Below:

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