One more rotation for Tesla's executive team

Gabrielle Toledano, who was Chief People Officer at Tesla since May 2017, is on a leave of absence, according to the latest news and her duties are now being handled by other members of the HR team.

Bloomberg notes that Toledano is the highest-ranking woman at Tesla. The absence, in a demanding period for Tesla, suggests that it maybe is not an ordinary leave of absence.

"Tesla Inc.’s head of human resources and facilities has been on a leave of absence as the electric-car maker has dealt with a period of intense tumult spurred by Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk."

"She reports directly to Musk and was among the handful of executives who stood on stage with him at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in June. A week later, Musk announced that the carmaker would dismiss more than 3,000 employees, or about 9 percent of its workforce, as part of a push for the profits that have largely eluded the company to date."

At the end of 2017, Tesla had 37,543 full-time employees.

Earlier, Toledano was Chief Talent Officer and EVP HR and Facilities at Electronic Arts for almost 11 years.

There are several examples of extended leaves of absences among senior executives at Tesla, which includes Doug Field, Tesla Senior Vice President of Engineering, whose been out since mid-May. But there are also other examples like Jerome Guillen, who is back and now is in charge of the Tesla Semi program.

Source: Bloomberg

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