Tesla Model 3 Autopilot appears to fare remarkably well on this winding road.

*Disclaimer: Keep in mind that Autosteer is currently a beta product and is a "hands-on" system. We post these videos to give people an idea of changes that may occur due to over-the-air updates. It's critical that you follow Tesla's rules for Autopilot and Autosteer use, despite the fact that many of the drivers in the "testing" videos do not keep their hands on the wheel.

YouTuber i1Tesla uses the same curvy road to keep track of how much Tesla Autopilot has improved after each update. He explains that the road is not fast, but it's winding, has blind curves, and it's just not something that the technology excels at. However, as you can see from the video above, the Tesla Model 3 seems to have a solid handle on it with the latest Autopilot update.

It's pointed out that during a previous Autopilot test on this road, he was only able to travel 21 to 22 MPH before the system wasn't equipped to handle the situation. This time, he starts by setting the Model 3 at 25 MPH. The car performs well, stays inside the lines, takes the blind curves confidently, and doesn't leave the road where it did prior to the latest update. It even successfully slows down where it needs to.

During a second test, at 30 MPH, the car goes over the line a touch initially upon acceleration. However, after that, it holds the line well and stays on the road just fine. Based on this owner's opinion and testing, the Model 3 Autopilot is vastly improved.

Video Description via i1Tesla on YouTube:

Tested Autopilot on the curvy road I would test the older software updates on. It is a difficult road for the car in the past. It did amazing and I can't wait to see what this car can do in the future.

Below is one of i1Tesla's previous videos of Tesla Model 3 Autopilot on the same curvy road. You can tell immediately that it takes the curves with less consistency and even leaves the road at some points. Yes, there is some dirt on one part of the road due to construction, but even on the clean stretches of road, the technology is clearly struggling:


Gallery: With New Update, Tesla Autopilot Seems Vastly Improved On Curvy Roads


Gallery: With New Update, Tesla Autopilot Seems Vastly Improved On Curvy Roads

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