The information was shared in an e-mail sent to employees by Elon Musk last week

For Tesla, public opinion is of the utmost importance. Certainly, other carmakers don't really fancy negative press either, but for the legacy carmakers, with millions of cars sold, absorbing negative claims is a lot easier than it is for Tesla.

In line with that, the recent (and even ones dating back quite awhile) negative NHTSA reports filed against Tesla do make for a widely concerning subject within the company. This is why Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO, stepped in with a company-wide e-mail, revealing a report that explains the matter at hand.

The e-mail, released earlier today by Electrek, reveals how Elon Musk shared the report with Tesla employees, claiming how most of the NHTSA complaints filed against the automaker, are actually "fake." Furthermore, the company even suspects that this is a tactic employed by the detractors of the company, or shorters.

This all started some two years ago. The NHTSA's complaint system makes it easy to post bogus information. It has just now gotten to the point where Musk felt it necessary to address the issue.

Upon investigation, Musk (or more likely a Tesla employee) uncovered an alarming amount of these bogus complaints, which Musk seems to think is a "larger piece of a coordinated strategy" by Tesla detractors. You can find an excerpt from the report below:

“After a review of hundreds of Tesla customer complaints filed with NHTSA since 2016 through present day in 2018, I can confirm that at least two-thirds of them are fake.”

Some of these complaints were immediately labeled as "likely fake" due to submission by the same source without a valid  VIN. Furthermore, some were written in all caps and signed "A concerned citizen," which should immediately trigger attention. All told though, Musk is confident some two-thirds of the complaints listed against Tesla on the NHTSA site are fake and the number is rising.

You can check out some of the various "fake" complaints here.

Source: Electrek

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