Ever wonder what a totaled Tesla Model 3 looks like after most of the body panels have been removed?

Well, wonder no more as we present a first look here. Word of warning, the innards are exposed. It's graphic. And it might not be for the faint of heart.

Here's your first-ever quick look at a totaled Tesla Model 3 with dismantled panels.

It seems that it is still is alive though with an undamaged touchscreen. That's one item most would expect to break in the event of a crash, but somehow it remains intact.

Ingineerix, who posted the video, says that the Model 3 still drives, though just barely.

"New arrival to play with! This 3 still drives (not very well), but all the major components are intact and functioning."

You can check out more Ingineerix videos on Tesla Model 3 exploration here.

As for crash-test safety, we should point out that we don't yet have full data on the Model 3. What we do know is that the IIHS is still testing the car and has only released a few results thus far.

Two results have been filled in – front crash prevention and headlights. The Model 3 is rated “superior” in front crash prevention and scores an A for headlights.

Back in January, we saw how the Tesla Model 3 performed in a real-world pole crash test. Though the car was likely totaled, the occupant was reportedly okay. The car's impressive front crumple zone saved the day.

We suspect that like the Model S and Model X, the 3 will fare well in crash tests, though it's not a given that it will place among the top in its class.

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