The third quarter of 2018 will be tremendous for Tesla production

After a record of 53,339 electric cars produced during the second quarter of this year, it's expected that in the third quarter Tesla will make more than 70,000 electric cars.

Most of the production falls on the Model 3. It's estimated that around 35,000 copies of the cars were already made this quarter and with one month to go (20,000 more at a conservative average of 5,000 a week) it will be over 55,000 total in Q3. Model S and Model X production will add at least another 20,000 we believe (the average in the first half was above 24,700).

According to Electrek's sources, 47,000 cars were already produced this quarter as of last week. That's in less than two months (above 850 cars a day, on average). 30,000 of that were Model 3. The pace of Model 3 production has been below 5,000, so the earlier estimations of 6,000 were not necessarily accurate.

If production is between 70,000 and 80,000, then deliveries should be above 70,000 and here is how that would compare to the previous results:

Tesla Model S/X/3 Deliveries (quarterly) - forecast for Q3 2018

Tesla Model S/X/3 Deliveries (quarterly) - forecast for Q3 2018

The good news is that Tesla apparently decreased labor hours for Model 3 production by 30%, which definitely should help to achieve profitability.

"What I find most encouraging is that Tesla claims to have decrease labor hour for Model 3 production by 30% during the same period, which could mean that even though production has settled in the ~4,000 units per week range, the cost could have improved significantly on a consistent production at this level."

Source: Electrek

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