Have a seat, please.

***UPDATE: General Motors has contacted us regarding these possible changes to the 2019 Bolt. As it turns out, some information from Mike Lelli was likely misinterpreted. For the official record, front seat improvements were made for the Model Year 2018 Bolt and carry over for the 2019 Model Year. As for the suspension, the Bolt does not have a new setup for 2019, though GM says it's always fine-tuning its products.

There is an upside to spending well over two hours "fast-charging" your Chevy Bolt in public, apparently: you may find yourself with lots of time for a chat with Mike Lelli, the chief engineer of that all-electric Chevrolet. At least, that was the case for one lucky owner. As a result, we believe we've learned about some minor, but much-needed improvements to the hatchback for 2019, including better seats.

If you've ever sat down in the Bolt, you may have regretted it. Not because of any fundamental problem with the vehicle. Indeed, it garnered Car-Of-The-Year accolades from Motortrend, the Detroit Free Press, and Popular Mechanics. With its 238-mile range, and $36,620 MRSP, it offers a good balance of performance and price.

The thing is, for some at least, the front chairs (pictured above) are somewhat underwhelming: too small and not enough padding are two of the more common complaints. To underline the level of dissatisfaction, shortly after the InsideEVs Forum launched, we were blessed with the creation of a thread titled "A new EV forum = The inevitable Bolt EV seat complaint thread!." This is not to say that everyone has this same opinion. There are plenty of folks who have no problem whatsoever with either the size or the bolstering (or lack thereof) of the individual benches.

Now, though, it seems they've been improved. At least, that's the tune Chevy Bolt EV Forum user "Fivedoor" is singing after spending about two hours chatting with the aforementioned head engineer during a chance encounter at a charging station. He recounts a pretty interesting encounter that you can read about here.

Anyhow, if the level of cushioning for your derriere was preventing you from taking the Bolt plunge, the 2019 models invite you to take a seat. Not just to judge by their initial comfort, either. Nay, you should probably go for a ride. The suspension has reportedly been upgraded as well and the overall effect of the two improvements might be enough to change minds.

If you do decide to go for a test drive, feel free to share your impressions with us, either here or in the Chevy Bolt section of our Forum.

Source: Chevy Bolt EV Forum

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