What's it like owning an EV without a charge point at home?

YouTuber Lemon-Tea Leaf is a Nissan LEAF owner who currently rents a flat in Edinburgh with no access to a charging point. So, it's not as if he's just holding out on the purchase of an EVSE or stuck using Level 1 charging. There are many people out there that really have no possibility of charging at home. Many of them simply don't invest in an EV. This video sets out to prove whether or not it's possible to get by without a home charger.

Lemon-Tea Leaf takes a different approach here. Of course, you can use public charging stations and keep your car charged if you can't charge at home. However, it's not nearly as convenient as charging at home, since it takes some time and you'll find yourself idle. He's been dealing with this for five months and has become quite a pro at it. Now, he's decided to spend three weeks documenting what one can do while the car is charging, along with how to take advantage of a "free" charge, or "free" parking, etc.

For example, he uses the time to do his grocery shopping or go to a movie, which just happens to include free parking at a free charger. If he hadn't purchased the movie ticket, he'd have to pay to park (along with killing two hours without a movie to watch). He also explains something he refers to as the CHAdeMO beer run.

As you can from the video, he has to spend quite a bit of time finding places to charge and things to occupy his time while charging. In addition, he's out driving around, using energy, and spending money that he may not have spent if he was able to charge at home. This whole situation wouldn't be as much of an issue if the EV offered a longer range. However, there is still not a large selection of affordable, long-range electric vehicles available. Thankfully, this is only temporary.

So, as expected, the answer to the headline is ... Yes, it's surely possible. Is it convenient? Definitely not. This is a situation in which one might consider a plug-in hybrid until there is a charge point available near their home. Some hardcore EV fans denounce PHEVs, but we always point out that everyone's situation is different. A plug-in hybrid is a solid stepping stone to EV ownership and may be the only reasonable option for some people.

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Video Description via Lemon-Tea Leaf on YouTube:

Nissan Leaf 2018 - Can you own an EV without a home charger? So for a month, I documented what I did while charging and how I pass the time. We'll find out if you can live with an EV without a charge point.

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