There are now one million plug-in electric cars in Europe

The European plug-in electric car market reached the milestone of cumulative sales of one million units according to, which summed up sales through the end of June 2018.

The first million in Europe comes ahead of the U.S., which even after July is just above 900,000. China reached the 1,000,000 first, back in 2017.

Sales are growing in most markets at a decent pace. During the first half of this year, some 195,000 plug-ins (passenger cars and light commercial vehicles) were sold in Europe, which is 42% more than a year ago. The second half of the year is expected to be stronger than the first, so well over 200,000 is the base scenario.

The average market share in Europe is roughly 2% (2.2% in June). All-electric car sales are slightly higher than plug-in hybrids (51% to 49%).

By the end of this year, expects 1,350,000 plug-in cars in Europe.

Plug-In Electric Car Sales Surpass 1 Million In Europe (Source:

Plug-In Electric Car Sales Surpass 1 Million In Europe (Source:

In terms of countries, Norway and Germany are the biggest markets, ahead of the UK and France. Germany probably soon will exceed Norway in volume, but there is no contender for Norway's 37% market share for plug-ins (>50% in peak months).


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