Let's learn how this modified Tesla Model 3 is turning out.

We recently shared a video by Tech Forum of a lowered Tesla Model 3. It features T Sportline springs that lower the car one inch all the way around. The YouTuber shared his opinion about why these particular springs provide the ideal situation for the new, popular electric sedan. Overall, Tech Forum has provided some highly informative videos lately, including some in-depth coverage of the Model 3 that we haven't really found elsewhere.

Tech Forum also reveals that its Model 3 is equipped with Savini SVF 20-inch wheels. The fronts are 8.5 inches wide and the rears come in at 10 inches. Pricing and styling vary widely on these wheels, so we'd suggest surfing the web to find the best price on exactly what you're looking for. The car also received a 25-percent tint, but obviously, that has no impact on its performance.

The T Sportline springs are for the rear-wheel-drive Model 3 Long Range and start at $350.00. On one page of T Sportline's website, it is still showing that they're on sale for $299.00, however, when you click to take you to the product page, the price shows $350.00. If you're interested in the springs, it would be well worth contacting the company to request the lower price. Keep in mind that this price doesn’t include installation, which cost Tech Forum paid $528.00.

It's important to note that Tech Forum is in the process of tweaking its camera mount and microphone situation. The channel's newest video shows upgrades to the GoPro mount and audio seems to be much improved. In the meantime, as you watch this video, make sure you have the volume turned up since there are points that it seems to fade out.

Video Description via Tech Forum on YouTube:

Today I discuss day to day life with a modified Tesla Model 3. This car has Savini SVF 20 inch wheels (8.5-inch wide front, 10-inch wide rear), T-Sportline one inch lowering springs, and a 25% tint.


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Gallery: Watch A Day In The Life: Modified Tesla Model 3

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