Despite its name, you probably can't leave this Kalashnikov buried in river mud for a year and have it work like new when you dig it back up

A year after releasing an electric dual-sport for police and military use, the company best known for introducing the AK-pattern rifle to the world presented the UM-1 and SM-1 electric bikes at the 2018 International Military Technical Forum held in Russia. One bike is for civilian use, one maybe not.

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The 2018 Kalashnikov eco-motorcycles, manufactured by subsidiary IZH, are just as quiet and low-maintenance as their predecessors but they do look a little different.

The UM-1 appears to be a next-generation super-moto version of the ‘Concern’ e-bike designated for the special forces. The 50 police super-motos, designated steeds for supervising the 2018 World Cup, were dressed appropriately in blue and white but tuned to take on more urban adventures.

The other, assigned for use by the military, is visible in the company's 2017 promotional video. In it a strapping soldier unplugs the fierce-looking camouflage ride and throws a leg over—“no helmet required”—before quietly gunning it down the runway onto picturesque dirt roads and bumpy fields.

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The Kalashnikov SM-1

The Kalashnikov SM-1
The sand-colored SM-1, has many of the same features as the UM-1—inverted front forks, dirt tires, chain drive and sturdy swingarm—but the exposed trellis frame and canted seat give it a distinctive street feel. This one may or may not be available to the public at-large.

Both the UM-1 and SM-1 can reach speeds of 62 miles per hour and can travel 93 miles on a single charge, as compared to the military version that is only good for 62 miles. The UM-1 weighs between 364 – 540 lbs (perhaps the differential is between without luggage to with?) and has a LiFePO4 battery.  Sadly, once again info on the SM-1's stats are scarce.

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We’d love to tell you more, but Kalahnikov’s own website doesn’t disclose much more about the bikes. Seems they’re keeping their specs as quiet as their electric motors.

Source: Kalashnikov Media

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