As part of a partnership with a Dallas-based auto parts company, two new EVs will be available in the U.S.

Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. is an electric vehicle manufacturer based in China. However, soon, some Americans will be able to buy the automaker's compact electric SUV and subcompact electric car. ATV/UTV distributor Sportman Country in Dallas, Texas recently unveiled the vehicles in Plano and announced that it has established a business partnership and secured a contract with Kandi to sell them in the U.S.


The cars in question are known as the EX3 all-electric compact SUV (top of page) and the K22 subcompact car (above). Kandi recently ran a survey to get an idea of consumer preferences for EVs in the U.S. and made necessary adaptations quickly. Sportman Country company representative, Johnny Tai spoke about the upcoming vehicles. He shared:

This is electrifying news, literally. The charging port settings, software system language and the user interface were upgraded from the original models to satisfy U.S. market needs. They are now compatible with DOT standards and conventional charging stations.

Kandi CEO Hu Xiaoming added:

I am very pleased about the efficiency and diligence in our technical staff and US sales team in terms of preparation. It took our team less than a month to complete the upgrades necessary to comply with US standards. We will continue our efforts to expand our US market.

The Chinese electric vehicles will cost less than $20,000 and will be available in the Lone Star State in the near future.

Source: The CW33, Market Insider

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