Tesla sure does think of even the most minor of details

Thanks to the ever-increasing customer fleet and the overall expansion of the vehicles Tesla needs to maintain, the automaker is increasingly working hard at expanding its mobile service fleet.

Tesla found out that 80% of the repairs on their customer's vehicles can be accomplished without the need to visit a service center. That means that their global Mobile Service Fleet needs to be ever-growing in such a way that allows them to cater to the increasing number of customers.

Last year, when the service was revealed, the Tesla former President of Global Sales and Services, Jon McNeill, announced it in an interesting way. After all, the company does sell electric cars for a living, necessitating that even their repair vehicle fleet comes in the same, eco-friendly shape and form (which wasn't the case in the beginning, but slowly mobile service is going electric now too).

We didn’t think that it was very cool to show up to fix an electric vehicle with a combustion engine van. It really bugged us. Some really savvy technicians on our team figured out how to retrofit Model X to fit all the tooling and parts needed to do service.

Tesla uses a mixed fleet of converted Model S and Model X vehicles for their mobile service fleet (as well as some gas vans). This allows them to better utilize the tools needed, but also, to ensure that they're service fleet follows the same core beliefs as their primary products. Coming up in a gas-guzzling van clearly is not preferred.

Just recently, Tesla provided us with a video showcasing us how they are modifying these vehicles to create their electric mobile service cars. You can take a quick look at it right below.

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