This Bolt Is So Bright I've Gotta Wear Shades

Americans tend to be very conservative in their car color choices. Well, 'color' is perhaps a strong word. According to Kelly Blue Book, 50% of all vehicles are silver, white or black. More free spirited, rebellious buyers might be drawn to a dark blue or gray. Maybe.

So when we heard that Chevrolet was adding a new yellow color option called 'Shock' on the 2019 Bolt EV we were curious how the new color would appear in person.

It was not quite what we expected:


In a video uploaded to their dealer YouTube account, Bill from Chevrolet of Naperville, IL introduces us to what he calls the "Tennis Ball" of cars. That playful description is accurate, as the car is a very bright neon yellow. "Safety Vest" or "Yellow Highlighter" of cars would also be appropriate.

No more wandering in a dark parking garage trying to remember where you left your Bolt. You'll be able to spot it from a mile away. No car on the road is going to draw attention like a Bolt EV with a fresh coat of 'Shock'.

We had hoped for something more similar to the yellow shown at the Opel Ampera-e reveal events. Sadly this was not the case.

However, the uniqueness of this neon yellow Chevy Bolt will absolutely appeal to some drivers. Like driving an Acid Green Porsche, a buyer knows their car is going to stand out.

While Chevy's newest color option is not our cup of tea, what do you think? Let us know in the comment section below!

More photos and vehicle information: Chevrolet of Naperville


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