Jaguar USA is ramping up its collection of I-Pace videos faster than we can watch and publish them.

With the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace hitting the U.S. market very soon, the automaker is obviously getting prepared, as well as helping to prepare soon-to-be owners and prospective buyers, not to mention new EV owners in general. Just the other day, we reported that the British automaker is teaming with global superstar and singer-songwriter, Dua Lipa, to get more eyes on the new electric SUV. However, this latest video series is not really about advertising as much as it is about educating.

Unlike most legacy automakers, it has become increasingly clear that Jaguar is doing everything it can to promote the all-new I-Pace. The company is surely not hiding its new electric car or trying to anti-sell it. However, this new series of videos is a bit different. Rather than more ads for the I-Pace, Jaguar is now publishing a slew of "how-to" videos. As we previously reported, Jaguar has also released an app to help people experience the I-Pace before purchase.

We find that many people are in the dark about many of their new vehicle's features. This is especially true for EVs. We spend countless hours trying to get peoples' questions answered and get information out to owners and prospective EV buyers. Oftentimes, concrete information about some EVs is just not as readily available as it is for their gas-powered counterparts. Jaguar has saved us a ton of time and is helping to make new owners feel more comfortable with their vehicles before they've even taken delivery.

The I-Pace is packed full of new technology, and no matter how intuitive it might be, there's always a learning curve. One of our few complaints about the new electric SUV was that the interface is a bit tough to figure out, as are some of the vehicle's settings. Owners will now have the opportunity to figure such things out ahead of time. No secrets here! Additionally, some of Jaguar's videos could be of assistance to any new EV owner. You don't have to be planning to buy an I-Pace to benefit from information about home charging, charging in general, or regenerative braking. What a fantastic resource Jaguar is creating!

Check out the long list of new Jaguar I-Pace "how-to" videos below:

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