All-electric, self-driving, and bold - that's the Opel of the future.

Last month, Opel teased a new concept model designed to show us what the future vehicles of the automaker will look like. Now, the veil is lifted and there’s a stunning all-electric compact SUV with coupe appeal underneath. Meet the Opel GT X Experimental, the ideological successor of the Opel Monza and GT concepts, and the first “tangible result” of the brand’s plans to “sharpen its profile.”

The study is built on a lightweight architecture and is just 160 inches (4,063 millimeters) long. It rides on 17-inch wheels for improved comfort, but the alloys actually look much larger. Motivation is provided by an electric powertrain using a compact 50-kWh next-generation lithium-ion battery with inductive charging.


Opel is proud to announce the GT X Experimental does not “pretend to offer full autonomous driving,” but instead features Level 3 self-driving functions. Simply put, it can handle all aspects of driving but the driver must be able to respond to a request to intervene.

The concept also introduces a new design theme for the front and rear fascia of Opel’s future models. Up front, the marque’s logo is now the focus point, while the so-called Opel Compass organizes the design elements along two strong axes that intersect the Blitz. At the back, the shape of the taillights mirrors the design of the headlights.

The interior follows the same minimalistic recipe and opts for “visual and digital detox.” The airy cabin features a single panoramic windscreen/roof panel combined with an uninterrupted side-window section for a roomier feeling. The dashboard is dominated by a large infotainment screen hiding the air vents, while two other smaller screens display side views captured by small pop-out cameras replacing the traditional side mirrors.

“With our PACE! plan, we have a very clear vision of how we want to create a successful future for Opel,” Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller comments. “Focus on a strong brand identity defined by our values – German, approachable, exciting – plays an integral role in our return to sustainable success. Our Brand Concept shows how these values will come to life in our products in the future.”

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