This Tesla Model 3 shut off after just three weeks

A Tesla Model 3 owner and a self-proclaimed "true loyal fan to Tesla and Elon" was thrilled to receive his car, ordered over two years earlier and really enjoyed the ownership experience for... three weeks.

In this particular example, after 22 days, on August 15, the Model 3 stopped work properly as the system experienced a shutdown.

"...I got in the car in the morning and noticed the turn signal no longer make the ticking noise.

My audio system was also off, and there was no internet connectivity.

Thinking that the system needs a reboot, I went to the Controls section on the screen and hit “Power Off”."

It was the last time the owner saw the screen on and after he returned to the car it was off and wouldn't reboot. Interestingly, there was still a possibility to select gears blindly (no screen to see which gear was selected) and to then drive the car.

Tesla Roadside Assistance team was helpful though. The team sent a trailer to take the Model 3 to a service center, as well as arranged Lyft transportation for the owner to pick up a loaner Model S.

What exactly happened to the Model 3 computer is the question that has since been "escalated to the Corporate Engineering team".

Hopefully, this was a one-off problem, though we've heard similar such reports. However, it doesn't seem like a widespread issue. Nonetheless, it's worth noting this inoperable experience with the car, which is rare across the broader automotive world.

Source: Teslainfo

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