Knocks Norway out of the top spot

The Netherlands just became the #1 market for Tesla Model S in all of Europe.

Sales of Tesla Model S in Europe are the highest right now in the Netherlands and Norway. After the first seven months of 2018, Netherlands is now #1 with 1,927 new registrations (up 122.5%), while Norway reports 1,853 (up 117.2%).

The next three countries not only import less Tesla Model S, but are experiencing decreasing demand, it seems:

  • UK - 985 (down 23.9%)
  • Germany - 907 (down 33.6%)
  • Switzerland - 502 (down 18.0%)

Netherlands is now on the rising curve, because customers are experiencing a run for the expensive all-electric cars by the end of the year at lower taxes than in 2019. Jaguar I-PACE should peak in the Netherlands this year too.

  • Current BEV BIK tax: 4% for full price
  • From January 1, 2019: 4% tax will be applied only to the amount of up to €50,000. The amount above €50,000 will be taxed 22%
Overall, Tesla sales (S & X) are still the highest in Norway (over 4,000) compared to over 3,000 in the Netherlands.

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