Two Bit da Vinci returns as promised, with more truth about Tesla Model 3 Batteries.

A few weeks ago, we shared a video about Tesla Model 3 batteries. Tesla has a reputation for long-range vehicles, mostly due to battery cells with very high energy density. In fact, Tesla batteries are more energy dense than the competition. The Model 3 battery pack uses 2170 lithium-ion battery cells, which provide more power at a comparable cost to previous 18650 cells.

The first video in the series dove into the Model 3 battery tech for about 12 minutes and included tons of valuable information, especially for those that yearn to understand the technology. This follow-up adds another ~20 minutes and loads of additional data from a multitude of sources, which are all included below in Two Bit's YouTube video description.

There's no doubt this YouTuber is dedicated to the task and it's outstanding that all the sources are shared. However, with the myriad of information out there (albeit some conflicting and misinformed), these deep dives are often a work in progress. Hopefully, as interest in the segment grows, we'll continue to get a wealth of new data and deep dives about this ever-changing technology.

What do you think of Two Bit's analysis? Do you have anything to add and/or corrections to point out? Please share your wisdom in the comment section below.

Video Description via Two Bit da Vinci on YouTube:

Teslanomics: Ingineerix: Tesla Source Data: Teslanomics Data: Jack Rickard Battery Teardown:

This is part 2 of our Series on the Truth About Tesla Model 3 Batteries. Today we’re going to discuss how Tesla takes these 2170 cells, and create their world class battery pack modules.

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