Tesla Autopilot keeps the Model 3 within the lane of a winding road

Scott Kubo demonstrated a 10-mile run of the Tesla Model 3 with Autopilot engaged at a decent speed of 50-60 mph on the winding state route 79.

As it turns out, the 2018.26.3 version, besides several situations when the car took all its space to the limit, was able to drive without driver intervention.

It's still not enough to entrust Autopilot completely (or even remotely), but it's improving and at least on well-marked roads during the day and in good weather conditions, the results are promising.

Tesla Autopilot Fast on Winding Roads - 2018.26.3

Scenic drive with plenty of curves. Autopilot driving for more than 10 miles (16 km) without driver intervention. Hands on the wheel at all times.

California State Route 79. Software version 2018.26.3. Note that this drive was under ideal weather and lighting conditions, and virtually no other cars on the road.

*It's important to note that we aren't promoting the improper use of Tesla Autopilot, but rather sharing this latest video of its use. It is always the driver's responsibility to follow all of Tesla's guidelines, keep hands on the wheel, pay attention to warnings, not exceed the speed limit, etc.

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