The big moment is now right around the corner here.

MKBHD, AKA Marques Brownlee, of YouTube fame has just released video from his Tesla factory tour. This tour took place following the interview with Tesla CEO Elon Musk. It was during that interview when Musk revealed potential plans for a future $25,000 Tesla.

Earlier, the tech reviewer released an initial teaser and yes, we were as geeked as you might have been:

Tours of the factory aren't rare, but allowing such a high-profile figure in to film inside is extremely uncommon. Brownlee and Musk spend their time on the line where the Model S and  Model X are constructed and talk a lot about the robots — how they work together with humans or on their own.

At one point, Musk confronts one of the robots and dares it to run him over. Apparently, the revolution is not quite ready to begin, as the robot backs down within inches of its human master. Whew!

We have seen some footage of the Fremont facility in the past, but this time, we really get a good sense of the assembly process. We see workers doing their jobs in a completely unscripted way. It's really an informative watch.

Along the way, we also learn that Tesla may, in the future, offer a matte finish on its vehicles. Musk points out that paint repairs to this type of finish is difficult to repair if the car gets a slight ding. He also lets slip that the factory's paint shop is pretty much running at full capacity right now, so adding more complexity wouldn't be a wise thing. Still, he leaves those of us who like a nice matte paint with hope it will be a future option.

If you're interested in what went on behind the scenes to prepare and carry out the interview video and the tour footage, we've got that bonus video waiting for you below. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube

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