Employees assembling Model 3 vehicles at Tesla's Fremont factory on the GA3 line were sent home early last week

According to a report released by Business Insider, three Tesla employees revealed that the company sent them home early last Wednesday.

Allegedly, the workers stated how the target goals of the day were not met. The events allegedly happened on the GA3 line - the main production assembly line for the Model 3. Additionally, according to the source, roughly 211 Model 3 vehicles were fully assembled & completed before they were sent home three and a half hours early from their typical 12-hour shift.

This information comes just over a month after Elon Musk reportedly sent a company-wide e-mail, revealing that the Fremont factory hitting the 5,000-cars-per-week milestone. Musk also reportedly stated that the factory was on track to raise that figure to 6,000 cars a week. According to Business Insider's source, the email "was laughed at," as the GA3 production line has rarely hit its benchmarks.

"What's more, with the widespread productivity gains throughout Tesla and the new production lines spooling up, we are on track to reach 6K/week for Model 3 next month, I think we just became a real car company."

The worker told Business Insider how a shift is only sent home early because they've been hitting its production goal for a period of time, or if there are production issues. According to the source, these production issues relate to events that are keeping them from producing more vehicles in the desired timeframe. For example, there's a chance one of the two GA3 production lines might be sent home early if there's a production issue that's been stalling the progression of assembling vehicles for hours. However, in this case, both production lines were sent home. And according to the workers, Tesla did not hit its Model 3 production goals that day.

Tesla Model 3 Line Workers Sent Home Early: Production Targets Not Met

According to the source, Tesla's internal target is to produce 300 vehicles per shift. There are two 12-hour shifts dedicated to Tesla Model 3 production. But, allegedly last Wednesday, the production lines at GA3 only managed to produce 211 vehicles during the day shift, thus missing the daily target.

Tesla declined to comment either on why the workers were sent home or on their internal targets.

As always, we should take caution in assuming any of these alleged claims from "sources" are 100% accurate.

Source: Business Insider

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