In July, Hyundai reported more than 4,000 plug-in electric car sales

After a record June, in July Hyundai announced 4,143 sales of plug-in electric cars (just one higher than the June record).

Thanks to the introduction of the Kona Electric, year-over-year growth amounted to almost 186%, while the share of plug-ins in out of the overall Hyundai sales result stands at 3.1% (new high).

Sales by model:

  • IONIQ Electric - 1,918
  • IONIQ Plug-In - 450
  • Kona Electric - 1,775
As with June, 2,196 Kona Electric came out of the factory. We assume that at this early stage Hyundai is limited to around 2,000 a month - and those are the numbers that will later pop up in sales stats in particular countries.

So far this year, Hyundai sold 21,665 plug-in electric cars worldwide.

Hyundai plug-in electric car sales – July 2018

Hyundai plug-in electric car sales – July 2018

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