Howdy there fellow readers, fans of the site and anyone else who's reading this.

With well over 500,000 comments posted on the pages of InsideEVs, it's time to re-address some issues.

InsideEVs will not tolerate certain actions in comments. If you cross the line, your comment will either be moderated or you'll receive a lifelong ban from InsideEVs.

This is not a democracy. These pages belong to InsideEVs. Let's keep the discussion civil and on track.

Here are some general guidelines to adhere to:

  • Constructive criticism is the key
  • We don't mind being corrected, told of ideas, even told the site could go in a different direction. But, tell us like a civilized human being. You are a real person and so are we.
  • Don't attack the site, its writers, editors, etc. with insults, threats, personal attacks or any other form of hatred, racism or the like.
  • If you use multiple usernames, IPs, email addresses, and/or pretend to be someone else, you're gone. For life.
  • We don't care if you love Tesla or hate them, that's just fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But, if you post non-stop trolling comments with the intent to cause fights with us or our readers (especially if they're completely unrelated to the article), it's obvious that you're just being a bully. Bullying is not allowed.
  • Strive to make people listen to you rather than to hate you.
  • Again, this is not a democracy. We can eliminate our comments section immediately if we so choose or if you force our hand.
  • We don't ban users based on our agendas, but rather based on our sanity and the sanity and safety of the site
To put it more bluntly, these are the reasons that we moderate a comment and/or ban a commenter:
  • direct personal insults or attacks, whether aimed at other commenters, authors, or named sources (keywords: moron, idiot, stupid)
  • profanity
  • commentary on general politics that is unrelated to the topic of the article
In closing, we ask that you please choose your words wisely, as you would if you were face to face with either us (the staff) or any other commenter.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this pressing matter at hand.

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