California Edition Rimac C_Two features an interesting paint finish and some luxury treats

Earlier this March, the Rimac C_Two saw its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. Today, the vehicle finally arrived on U.S soil, making an appearance in the Golden State. Just a week prior to the automotive festival that is the Monterey Car Week, the company showcased a special California Edition Rimac C_Two at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California.

The iconic Petersen Automotive Museum, one of the greatest automotive museums with one of the world’s finest car collections, perfectly blends automotive history with the up and coming cars like the Rimac C_Two. And this beautiful Mexican Blue looking paint finish suits the all-electric hypercar perfectly.

The California Edition Rimac C_Two features the captivating color and trim, joined by a brand new wheel design. The vehicle was reimagined to flow with the vibrant Californian scene, pushing luxury items into a world that was once dominated by sheer performance. After all, Rimac C_Two costs over $1.2 million and sheer speed and cornering performance are never enough in this world.

The vehicle features a new luxurious trunk, representing the crown of this creative effort. Tailored to comfortably fit two 6-liter champagne bottles and crystal flutes, it celebrates the elegance and vibrant atmosphere of the Monterey Car Week events. Moreover, it suggests an excellent opportunity to enjoy a glass of champagne in the company of Rimac guests and hypercar enthusiasts.

Over the course of the Monterey Car Week, Rimac will host private previews, before joining the motorsport enthusiasts and car collectors on the rolling greens of The Quail – A Motorsport Gathering on Friday 24 August. The following day, Saturday 25 August, the Rimac C_Two will make an impression on the supercar loving crowds at Exotics on Cannery Row, the most anticipated event of the week where some of the rarest supercars in the world will be displayed against the sweeping background of thousands of automotive fans.

Meanwhile, you can grab a detailed look at the beautiful California Edition Rimac C_Two in the gorgeous photoshoot right below.

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