Come along and carve some Califonia canyons.

We've got a fresh new review of the Tesla Model 3 here (above) by The Smoking Tire, but before you click play, a warning. It begins with an advertisement for a product which bills itself as being "For man care, down there." Not that there's anything particularly offensive about this, and actually, host Matt Farah does a great job of pitching the product. Still, we wanted to give you a heads up just in case you happen to be watching with someone of a tender age and don't want to get into an awkward discussion at the moment. Ok, so with that out of the way, let's talk about the actual review a bit, shall we?

To begin, the particular car here was obtained by The Smoking Tire from Turo, the peer-to-peer vehicle rental service. Farah says it's an older build, put together in the first few months of 2018 and is rear-wheel-drive with the long-range battery. It does not have the Autopilot feature. At one point, the camera traces over many of the panel gaps and he later calls out their lack of uniformity. It could also use a bit of a vacuuming out, but who are we to judge?

Pretty much the entirety of the review happens while the car is in motion, cutting up the California canyons around the Malibu area. Host Farah genuinely seems to like it overall but has a few gripes. For instance, the rear suspension seems to wallow a bit when pushed (he does say that he likes the suspension in normal usage), he finds the steering has "not a lot of feel," and calls it "video-gamey". He also has a few gripes about the Continental tires his example is equipped with.

On the plus side, he does like the brakes. About the acceleration, he says, the car's plenty fast. "It does really scoot out of the corners, though. I like that." He confesses that he had expected not to like the touchscreen but apparently after figuring out how everything works within ten minutes of driving. At the end, he says he will miss it, which we think is pretty high praise.

He does get a couple things wrong, and this is echoed in the description below. First, the rear motor should put out 202 kW, not 50 kW. Secondly, the range is rated as 310 miles by the EPA, not 275-280.  Those quibbles aside, we enjoyed the review and believe you will too.

Video description:

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most significant cars of the last 10 years. This example is the 'Long Range' Version, which is rear-drive, 50kw electric motor and a 275-mile range. This model does not feature the controversial 'Autopilot' enhanced cruise control features, and has a retail price around $53,000.

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