LEAF crushed the Pulsar, its closest ICE counterpart within the Nissan brand in the UK.

Extracting plug-in car sales results for the British market is not easy, but finally we got some insights on the second-generation Nissan LEAF.

LEAF noted roughly 4,100 sales in the first seven months of 2018, which is almost half of total 8,322 all-electric car sales for the period in the UK. Not bad taking into consideration that LEAF deliveries began in volume in March.

On the other hand, the Nissan Pulsar - the rather close conventional counterpart to the LEAF - found only 2,100 sales in the first seven months.

Outselling Pulsar 2:1, despite the fact that the LEAF is roughly twice as expensive, is something that should encourage Nissan to invest more in EVs, especially since the LEAF is also the best-selling plug-in in Europe.

Nissan Pulsar (ICE)

Nissan Pulsar (ICE)


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