Time for some more Tesla Model 3 advice from our friend, Brian, The Money Guy.

We'll start with a little disclaimer so as not to offend anyone. InsideEVs is not a financial website and although we are compelled to cover a minimal amount of financial and/or stock-related stories, it's not what we're about. No one here holds any Tesla stock or ever has. You may or may not appreciate Brian's money advice and that's your choice. We don't share his videos as financial advice, but rather because he makes fantastic Model 3 review videos.

The Money Guy's newest video in his collection of Tesla Model 3 reviews focuses solely on the car's sound system. We've heard from many people that it's a solid system when compared to several other cars. Keep in mind that once the Premium Upgrades package isn't required, this premium sound system will be a paid option. In general, we've always been told that Tesla vehicles have pretty outstanding sound systems. Perhaps this is because CEO Elon Musk is an audiophile and a huge music fan?

It turns out, Brian is an audiophile as well. He tells us that when he was young he had a $1,000 car with $2,000 worth of audio equipment. Sound familiar? Sadly, unless you have an opportunity to get inside a Model 3, you won't really know how the sound system fares. No YouTube video will be able to convince you. Nonetheless, Brian spells the system all out for you. Perhaps we can round up some more opinions in the near future.

What do you think of the audio system in the Tesla Model 3? Do you own a different EV that has an amazing sound system that you'd like to share with us? Let us know in the comment section below.

Video Description via The Money Guy Show on YouTube:

Does The Tesla Model 3 Have The Best Sound System Available?

The Tesla Model 3 has revolutionized the automotive industry in many ways. In this video, we are going to focus on the audio system which might be an overlooked feature in the Tesla community.


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