Jaguar Land Rover is expected to introduce in China an electric car produced locally by the Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Co. joint venture.

News comes to us from Murray Dietsch, president of the joint venture, who shared the intention to produce EVs on top of already-produced gasoline E-Pace model.

Jaguar I-Pace in Beijing

Jaguar I-Pace in Beijing

“Our expectation is the penetration of EV will continue to grow more than linearly. With the combination of the enhancement in SUV market and the expectation of higher penetration of battery-electric vehicles, you will see more battery-electric SUVs in the market in the future.”

“For the next three to five years, obviously our focus is getting ourselves ready for the policy changes on new-energy vehicles. We’ve got a very detailed plan for us to be able to comply as you expect.”

It's too early to say what model Jaguar will launch - and whether or not it will be specially designed for China or some I-PACE derivative.

Currently, the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE is manufactured in Austria by Magna contracted for the job. Magna is investing in launching a car factory in China (together with BAIC), but it will not necessarily be engaged by Jaguar there.

The time is ticking away as there are a growing number of decent all-electric or plug-in hybrid Chinese New Energy SUVs. So it's in the best interest of Jaguar to move quickly if it hopes to secure a chunk of the market.

Source: Bloomberg

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