Nissan LEAF to be introduced in the land of oil Middle East next year, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which apparently improved its charging infrastructure.

There is no hopes for big sales, but the Japanese manufacturer would like to make sure the LEAF is perceived as truly a global electric car.

Nissan Middle East General Manager Jurgen Schmitz hinted 2019 as the date when the new LEAF will hit showrooms.

"Speaking to Arabian Business on Tuesday, Schmitz said that Nissan’s regional plans call for the Leaf to be introduced “at least to a few selected markets in our region” over the course of the year.

“We know there are different maturities in terms of acceptance of electric vehicles, and this is what we are currently analysing,” he said."

In the case of the UAE, the small size of the country doesn't apply big requirements on range, but we are wondering about how the LEAF will survive the hot climate as the battery doesn't have liquid cooling. Maybe the UAE will jump straight to the upcoming 60 kWh version that potentially will be equipped with a thermal management system with A/C for the battery?


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