The Tesla Model 3 struts its stuff at the strip.

Who would have guessed we'd be sharing drag racing videos featuring the Tesla Model 3? The Model S just makes sense, especially since its performance version is the quickest production car on the road today and it has built up a solid reputation. Then came the Model X P100D, which is a little strange to see on the drag strip, but it fares well. Thus far, only the Long Range rear-wheel-drive Model 3 has been released, and still, it's already holding its own.

People expect the Tesla Model S to be a tough car to beat. But, when a cute, little Tesla Model 3 shows up at the strip to face these ICE sports cars, we can only imagine the laughs. That is ... until the race is over. Just wait until the Model 3 Performance starts showing up. Moreover, unlike its larger Tesla siblings, the Model 3 stands to fare better on the winding track, too. It's lighter and more agile than the S and X and seems less likely to overheat.

Ok, place your bets ... Model 3 or Trans AM? Watch the video to see if your assumption is correct.

Video courtesy of Drag Racing and Car Stuff on Youtube

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