This modified Audi S5 is one of many Tesla-powered conversions, but it's pretty incredible.

About a week ago, we shared some videos of this unique project. The guys over at POLYKUP in Bergen County, New Jersey did such a fantastic job with this EV conversion that esteemed Tesla DIYer Rich Rebuilds loved it. He made an appearance to check out the car at Chameleon tuning in Bohemia on Long Island after its owner Sam had driven it out there from New Jersey.

POLYKUP specializes in converting ICE cars to electric vehicles. Basically, they took the Audi S5, put the Tesla Model S P85's 16 battery modules in, as well as the Tesla's motor and inverter. Apparently, the car still uses the Audi factory transmission with a custom single-speed gear setup. POLYKUP's website says:

This German V8 Coupe no longer has a distinguished rumble. In fact, you won't even hear it coming. Our Audi S5 boasts 200+ miles of range and over 500 HP being delivered to all four wheels using Audi's race-proven mechanical Quattro AWD system.

In last week's article, we shared a raw video of one of the Audi's initial tests on the dyno. The numbers were 359.5 horsepower and 449 pound-feet of torque. The above video is a more in-depth look at the S5 on the dyno. Keep in mind that the car was already below a 50 percent charge due to the trip and earlier testing.

Video Description via Tesla Resource Channel on YouTube:

The boys from @polykup on Instagram really pulled off the coolest conversion, and it put down some very respectable numbers on the dyno, even after driving from NJ out to Long Island, and running with less than 50% charge. This thing is so cool. P85 motor bolted to the factory Audi transmission with a custom single speed gear setup, running through the factory AWD system. This car is an animal!

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