A Tesla Model S driver figured out that this is not a Tesla Supercharger

The times when a single 50 kW DC fast charger was installed in the metropolitan areas (with a charging-station desert between the cities) is slowly disappearing into oblivion.

Not only Tesla Superchargers and recently Electrify America stations, but also EVgo is now trying to install multiple chargers in one place.

According to PlugInSites, EVgo already launched two six-charger-strong stations in Maryland:

  • a hotel parking lot in North Silver Spring, Maryland near Route 29 and Cherry Hill Road
  • at Nottingham Commons in White Marsh, about 2 miles east of the White Marsh Blvd
Those are dual-head (CCS Combo and CHAdeMO) chargers supplied by BTC Power, although just 50 kW each.

Charging infrastructure expansions enters a new phase as bigger stations are installed:

Source: PlugInSites

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