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The Model S was released in 2012. Its design is probably about 2-3 years older than that. However, the Model S still looks clean and fresh as it did when it was revealed to the public.

It's no wonder that the highly popular vehicle still draws plenty of prying eyes anywhere it goes. It's one of those cars that is simply a head turner, no matter what color or model year it is. All things considered, the Model S is still one of the best-looking sedans out there.

For some, however, that isn't enough. Ordinarily, aftermarket tuning for full-size luxury sedans is reserved for the likes of Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes-Benz or BMW. Every new model from these German car makers, makes the previous generation vehicles drop in pricing, making them more affordable to the younger, more tuning oriented crowd. The same is happening with the Tesla Model S. With the car entering its 7th year of production, the more affordable price point for this vehicle makes it a perfect foundation for some aftermarket tuning modding.

This particular Pearl White Model S isn't your average vinyl wrapped, Fast and Furious looking vehicle. It's a tastefully modded Model S that is accentuated just a tad, thanks to some carefully chosen aftermarket parts.


The vehicle features a set of custom-made ADV.1 Wheels, joined by some particularly interesting carbon fiber bits and pieces. While the OEM upgraded wheel setup is sized 21-inches in the front and rear, this particular Model S features a 22-inch wheel setup. Namely, these ADV5.2 Track Spec SL Series three-piece forged wheels are sized 22x9 and 22x10.5 in the front and rear, respectively. Perfectly matching the Pearl White exterior finish of the car itself is a Brushed Gloss Gunmetal finish for the wheels.

Furthermore, this electric-powered luxury sedan features a carbon fiber front lip spoiler, a set of side skirts and a rear decklid spoiler. Together, these aftermarket parts make for a perfect looking Model S. Thanks to the gorgeous photoshoot, you can grab some pretty impressive looking desktop wallpapers right below.

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