Hmm ... Tesla Semi and Mad Max mode? What you say?

We'll be honest to say at InsideEVs that we don't really get it. What/who/huh? Mad Max say what? Not even sure we can divulge much here really. Driving in a dystopian future, umm ....

This is some sort of lane-change, blindspot threshold setting that Tesla is testing? Of course, it is Elon!

In addition, Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted this about the Tesla Semi in Mad Max mode:

He went on to say that these features shown above may or may not be available to owners at some point in the future.

Keep in mind that after this Twitter user shared the crazy Tweet with a sketch of a Tesla Semi in a Mad Max scene, Musk pointed out that such a thing is actually REAL in development mode. This is not something that any Tesla owners can see or use with regards to the current Autopilot, but it may be something that is in the works in the future of Tesla's Full Self-Driving technology. Who knows, right? This stuff is getting crazier every day, to say the least.

We'll leave it up to our fantastic InsideEVs community to attempt to decipher these Musk Tweets and replies. What do you think is going on here?

Please add your wisdom in the comments below and/or start a thread on our Forum. We honestly need all the insight we can muster.

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