What are the top five features of the Tesla Model 3?

Lists are subjective for sure. We've learned quickly that our InsideEV's LISTS and slideshows may appeal to one person and not another. This may be because the subject of the list is not interesting to all or due to the fact that people disagree with its content or rankings.

Nonetheless, it's interesting to know how current Tesla owners rank each car's best features. We wouldn't mind hearing about its drawbacks as well. This helps to educate the community and can potentially spark healthy conversation. It's also why we attempt to provide a variety of lists and opinions for you to add to your research.

Now You Know points out its top five "things" about the Tesla Model 3. In no particular order, the list showcases the car's qualities as:

  • Clean (when compared to ICE vehicles)
  • Cheap (comparably priced to Audi A4 or BMW 3 Series, while cheaper to operate and maintain*)
  • Safe (no engine means more effective front crumple zone)
  • Range (competitive range and convenient charging options)
  • Driving Experience (OTA updates, Autopilot, instant torque, quick acceleration, low center of gravity)

*While many publications continue to cite the >2,000 moving parts in an ICE car versus <20 in an EV (Model 3), this is an exaggeration. However, regardless of the skewed numbers, the overall point remains the same. Less is less.

What do you think of this list? Share YOUR top five features with us. Heck, share the top five disadvantages, too. Let's get a discussion started. Also, feel free to visit our Forum and start a conversation there as well.

Video Description via Now You Know on YouTube:

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