Everyone that pre-ordered is invited to take a closer look

Back in 2016 when Tesla revealed the Model 3, there were literally thousands of Australians who didn't just express their interest in the vehicle. They've actually placed deposits for the car, before even seeing it in person.

And now, over 850 days later, most of them will get to see the car they've been anxiously awaiting for years now, in person. This morning, every Australian and New Zealander who is on the reservation list got an e-mail invitation to a special event: the arrival of the Model 3 Down Under for the first time.

A left-hand drive version of the Model 3 is set to be displayed in several locations. One will be placed in the Martin Place Tesla store in Sydney’s CBD. Another Model 3 will be showcased in Melbourne’s Chadstone store, while Brisbane’s main store in Fortitude Valley is set to become a highly coveted place to be. Australian customers will get to witness the Model 3 in person from Friday the 21st. Customers in New Zealand are set to receive their first look at the Model 3 ahead of Australia. It will be on display in Auckland, starting from Wednesday the 15th.

Tesla Model 3 Invitation E-Mail Image 1

In Australia, the vehicle is set to go on display Tuesday the 21st of August at 9AM. Everyone that is on "the list" needs to RSVP to be able to come down and take a look throughout the day all the way to closing time which is 6PM in the evening. While you need to RSVP, this doesn't actually provide you with a reserved spot or timeframe to view the car.

There are no set appointment times, please join the queue when you arrive”

From what we've seen at the Tesla Store in Los Angeles earlier this year, reservation holders in Australia that got the RSVP will need to expect long lines and a long wait time to see the car. While it is unclear how much of the Aussie reservation holder base canceled their order, the wait time is becoming horrendously long. Tesla is yet to reveal when the right-hand-drive Tesla Model 3 will be made. Every Australian and New Zealand customer is hoping for 2019 - but that could well mean either late in the year, or deliveries in the first half of 2020 as well.

Source: ETFM

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