This video shows the new Tesla interior refresh in captivating detail.

Interestingly, this YouTuber didn't get his 2018 Tesla Model S P100D quite the way he ordered it. When he placed the order, he chose the cream interior with dark ash wood. We know full well that Tesla doesn't use traditional model years and is forever changing and updating its vehicles on the fly.

About 10 days after he placed his order, Tesla made the production change and he ended up with the natural oak decor finish. It also features dark graphite in place of the previous aluminum accents. Keep in mind that this particular Model S is a bit of an outlier. This is because you can no longer get the cream interior in the Model S P100D. However, he ordered his car during just the right timeframe to get a touch of the old mixed with a bit of the new.

We appreciate this video since it's in 4K and the videography is impressive. Additionally, other than the brief intro during which he explains the situation, the entire video is much like a slideshow. It shows all facets of the interior clearly, and you don't have to deal with a bunch of unnecessary blabbering. If you had any questions about exactly how the refreshed cabin looks, this should clarify it for you.

Feel free to share your impressions of Tesla's new interior. Love it? Hate it? Send us a comment below or visit our Forum and start a related thread.

Video Description via InternetDude on YouTube:

So I finally got my 2018 Tesla Model S P100D. I ordered it with cream interior but it was supposed to have figured ash dark wood. Tesla made a production change just about 10 days after I ordered and changed almost all of the aluminum accents to dark graphite colour instead. They also changed to the wood to a natural oak decor finish, more like the Model 3.

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