Tesla Supercharging expansion makes long-distance travel possible for almost all.

Currently, Superchargers are within 150 miles (240 km) of 99% of U.S. population.

Sure, there are still areas where Superchargers are not available or not ideally located, but it's improving in terms of both the number of stations and number of stalls at stations.

The official Tesla map indicates 1,327 Supercharger stations with 10,854 stalls. More than 600 are in the U.S., while more than 400 were installed in Europe, and about 300 in Asia.

The largest stations in the U.S. are equipped with 40 stalls, while in China there are several that are 50 stalls strong.

It's estimated that the Tesla Supercharging network delivers more than 55 MW of power and cumulatively dispensed more than 400 GWh.


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