A paper recycling machine caught fire this week at Tesla's factory in Fremont, but production was not impacted.

Let's make it clear from the start that the tent that caught fire at the Tesla Fremont factory was not the "tent" that has been in the news this week. CEO Musk recently shared that the automaker has built what appears to be a temporary structure to house a new, final assembly line. Of course, news thereafter of a tent fire could be cause for confusion.

Instead, another temporary structure outside the factory caught fire when a cardboard baling machine overheated.  A Tesla spokeswoman told Reuters Friday:

Last night, the structure outside our factory that houses the cardboard and other wood and paper products that are being recycled caught fire.

The Fremont Fire Department responded to the incident and no injuries were reported. However, Tesla is still investigating what may have caused the fire in the first place.

This fire is one of a few recently reported at the electric car factory in Fremont, California. CEO Musk sent an email to employees earlier in the week about another fire. It was reported that the email from Musk seemed to suggest potential sabotage.

Source: Reuters

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