Hungarian company Narke introduced an all-electric jet ski, but it says it's not a jet ski, but rather the Electrojet

It's quiet, emission-free and provides a ton of fun.

The Electrojet is built using carbon fiber-reinforced composite structure and looks pretty futuristic.

According to Narke, operating time is up to 1.5 hours, after which two hours are required to charge (0-80%), at least if you don't have a spare battery to make a quick swap (in a few minutes).

The self-developed water-cooled three-phase asynchronous motor is rated at 45 kW of power and enables to go up to 55 km/h  (34 mph) (electronically limited).

"The electrojet fights against oil puddles and exhaust fumes. With its high performance, moderate sound and elegant look, it represents a new generation based on pure energy. A new generation, the spread of which can help preserve nature for the next generations."

"Narke is not a jet ski. Narke is the world’s first electrojet designed for series production, which, thanks to its electric drive, is environmentally friendly and represents a sustainable future."

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