The Summon feature, introduced by Tesla in the Model S and Model X with update 7.1 in January 2016, finally was released for the Tesla Model 3.

By using the app on a phone, owners of the Model 3 will be able to slowly move the car forward or backward remotely, which could be handy in some cases.

The latest Model 3 update, 2018.24, brings two other new features too - Wifi connection and Cabin Overheat Protection:

  • Wifi Networks - With this release, Model 3 now connects to available Wi-Fi networks. Tap the LTE icon at the top of the touchscreen and select the network you want to join
  • Cabin Overheat Protection - When active, your vehicle prevents the interior temperature from exceeding 105F/40C for up to 12 hours after you exit your vehicle. ON by default.
  • Summon - Model 3 can now be summoned in and out of narrow parking spaces using the mobile app. To enable this feature, tap Controls Autopilot Summon. To learn how to initiate, cancel, and customize Summon, refer to the Owner’s Manual

Largely unique to Tesla, these over-the-air updates continuously improve the car over time. It's our belief that it won't be long before all automakers adopt a similar OTA update approach. It advances the car will little effort on the automaker's end, outside of programming new code and such.

Source: Electrek, Reddit

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