Tesla must focus on service issues in Norway as a priority.

Not long ago, we shared that Tesla is the lowest-ranked automaker in Norway as far as service is concerned and also the fourth-lowest ranked for service among all companies, according to Bloomberg. While the automaker has already announced that it's making immediate service-related strides, the situation in Norway is getting extra attention.

Norway is Tesla's largest market per capita, so the issues there will be compounded if the company doesn't get it in gear quickly. Once Model 3 deliveries begin in the country, the problem will only get worse. In addition to Tesla's recently announced service efforts, as well as building a new, sprawling service center in Oslo, CEO Elon Musk has personally stated that he will assure that moves are made to address the problems and resolve them.

Currently, Norway is home to 11 service centers to handle some 26,000 vehicles. One new service center in one city - no matter how large or efficient - is not enough to take care of the overload, not to mention the immense amount of new Model 3s that will be on Norwegian roads in the future. Customers are already waiting as long as a month for repairs, and that is only the beginning of the long list of Tesla service issues in the country. Meanwhile, Tesla registrations in Norway continue to grow daily.

According to Tesla, the number of service employees in the country has already increased 30 percent thus far this year. In addition, workers are taking on extra shifts. Electrek reported that Norway Tesla owners are now receiving emails explaining that Musk has pushed the service centers to work harder to make improvements. In fact, the email states that "Tesla CEO Elon Musk has agreed to do everything we can to provide an outstanding service experience."

Below is a copy of the email (via TEK) as translated and reported by Electrek:

Dear Customer,

The high demand for electric family cars has led to significant growth for Tesla in Norway, and we are working hard to increase our service capacity as quickly as possible. We are aware that the current service situation does not always reflect the experience we want our customers to have. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has agreed to do everything we can to provide an outstanding service experience and he appreciates the support of our Norwegian customers.

We have already taken steps to improve the situation. This year the service team has grown 30%, and this has resulted in a significant increase in capacity. We have also taken a number of other steps to quickly resolve the situation, including:

  • Because the service team is getting bigger, we have been able to extend the opening hours of selected service centers by introducing a new shift. After the summer we will also start a new shift in Bærum and Kokstad.
  • In Bergen, we now use our premises at Minde as support for the Kokstad service center to perform certain service jobs. We have a constructive dialogue with Vegvesenet to provide the full range of Mobile Service services as soon as possible. In the United States, the increase in the number of Mobile Service vehicles has had a strong impact on our service capacity and customer satisfaction.
  • We have used our new workshop in the Oslo area, and in the coming months we will continue to expand the capacity to become the largest service center in Norway.
  • We will be servicing your car and request that you continue to contact our existing service centers and the support team if you need assistance. Our team is here to find out how we can help you as efficiently as possible. Through measures such as these, our service capacity will continue to increase, so we can provide you with a service level in line with our ambitions.

With best regards, Tesla Service »

Source: Electrek

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