Now that the first Tesla Model 3 vehicles are arriving in Canada, it's time for some up-to-date reviews. was able to rent one of the first Tesla Model 3s in Canada from its owner to perform a test drive and put together a review. The base Model 3 in Canada is listed on Tesla's website at C$$ 45,600. However, as we are all aware, adding the Long Range battery and the mandatory Premium Upgrades package spikes that price significantly. The owner paid C$64,100.

While this is a C$20k upcharge, and hardly a "mainstream" car in Canada, the reviewer notes:

. . . the upscale and tech-heavy Model 3 is still roughly in line with its closest market rivals – entry-luxe powerhouses such as the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedans – and not the base versions, especially performance-wise.

Overall, the acceleration is very impressive, not unlike the BMW 330i and 340i sedans with their turbo inline-six engine, with a big dose of extra off-the-line torque. Ride quality is on the rough side, but handling is surely fun.

The Model 3 is definitely a head turner. It's roomy in the front and rear seats and offers a respectable amount of cargo space. In terms of the battery, charging, and range, the car has no issue and no real competition.

Nonetheless, the reviewer feels that there are still some "finishing touches" to come, like no AM or satellite radio. Also, some other early production issues, most of which may be fixable with over-the-air updates ... others, not so much:

  • No key fob (card doesn't always work)
  • Phone as a key (doesn't always work, especially for Android devices)
  • Bluetooth cuts out often
  • Panel gaps
  • Lack of attention to detail concludes:

Despite the complaints, the Model 3 is a technological tour de force, and like other Teslas, makes its rivals look like relics of a pre-digital age.

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