Contrary to naysayers' beliefs, it appears that the upcoming Tesla factory in Shanghai will become a reality.

We've known for some time that Tesla was making plans to build a factory in China. However, much red tape surrounding policy has seemed to slow progress on the venture. Then, about a month ago, the automaker signed official documents with the local government agreeing to the upcoming $2 billion project.

Now, according to job postings found on the automaker's website, hiring for the factory has already started. The number of available positions is still minimal at this point. Reuters reported that most of these initial job openings are for candidates with six or more years of experience seeking senior-level positions. A total of 14 positions are currently being filled. Two such jobs include a senior finance manager and an architectural designer.

Shanghai's 21st Century Herald newspaper revealed that advertising for the upcoming positions is already underway and has been for a number of days. However, Tesla has yet to respond to Reuters' inquiry on the subject.

Tesla has publicized that it intends to manufacture its first vehicles at the plant about two years after construction begins. Following the preliminary stages, the company hopes to push production to upwards of 500,000 vehicles per year two to three years later. If all proceeds well, this plan will more than double Tesla's current global vehicle manufacturing output.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke briefly about the project during the automaker's recent earnings call. He verified that the company will fund the venture with local debt.

Source: Reuters

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