The Tesla Model 3 Performance is the dual motor, all-wheel drive version of Model 3 Long Range

Ingineerix recently just put the P3D up on the lift and checked out how it looks from the bottom, without motor covers.

The brief presentation includes powertrain and suspension. There aren't a whole lot of changes to the car, as it was designed from the beginning to just simply add front powertrain (motor, inverter and single-speed transmission with connections).

With two motors, the Model 3 Performance is able to go 0-60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds.

"Here we get our first P3D (Performance AWD) up on the lift and remove her covers for a quick look at the motors and suspension. This model does not have the upgraded (red) braking system. The suspension and springs have the same part # as compared to my RWD. Also, the same (physical) rear motor, though with a different part number (higher-spec 800A inverter vs. 500A). The front motor is physically smaller, but appears to use the same inverter assembly. The only suspension differences I could note are both stabilizers and the front strut is different (has a half-shaft pass-through). Same springs front and rear. The cooling system hits the PCS, then the Rear Inverter, Rear oil cooler, Front Inverter, Front Oil, then back to the reservoir."

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