Hmm ... what the heck is a Flocka? Flocka Seagulls? Crazy mutha flocka?

Above is another racing video from Tesla Racing Channel. The guys are known for their tricked out Tesla Model S P100D. They haven't released a video in some time, so this one is filled with some extra action. This time, they're at Streetcar Takeover Charlotte at the ZMAX Dragway. Footage is shown from a variety of matchups and the cars are even racing four wide in some of these events.

Also, there's a little Flocka versus Tesla action. We wondered what kind of car a Flocka is, but actually, it's the name of a friend that owns a nitrous Mustang. Apparently, he's raced the Tesla before and lost, so the guys give him another go at it. Check out the video to see how the Mustang fares this time around.

We also get to see a little nighttime street racing in Mexico. Both the Model S P100D and "patches," the turbo Mustang, make an appearance. It's complete with all the team hype and heated conversation that comes with this type of racing. Enjoy it if that's your thing!

Video Description via Tesla Racing Channel on YouTube:

Back again in the Tesla P100D for Streetcar Takeover Charlotte at ZMAX Dragway. Even during testing they were running 4 wide down the dragstrip. Also included in the video is the Tesla and the Turbo Mustang hitting up the streets of Mexico and causing butthurt as usual, while giving our buddy Flocka in his Nitrous mustang another shot at the Tesla.

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