With the updated pricing, the Model 3 Dual Motor version now starts at $54,000

When the Dual Motor Model 3 was introduced by Tesla Motors, many were surprised with the $5,000 price tag attached to it. Why? Well, because Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, once stated that the dual motor option for their entry-level electric vehicle would be less expensive than on the Model S - priced at the same $5,000.

However, upon launch, both options were priced the same. A few weeks later, when Tesla updated the Model 3 options and pricing tiers, we saw a price reduction to $4,000 for ticking the Dual Motor box on the Model 3.

After a few months, Tesla decided to play with the Model 3's pricing once again. Revealed earlier last week, Tesla once again updated the pricing for the dual motor version of their entry-level all-electric model, returning the price to $5,000 for the dual-motor option.

Tesla Model 3 Online Configurator

The updated pricing sets the base price of the Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor at $54,000, plus options.

Overall, we're quite confident that in the following months, the Dual Motor version of the vehicle will attract an even higher percentage of the customer base. The price bump then makes even more sense for the carmaker overall, as it's primary goal right now is to turn a profit.

Source: Electrek

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